Addiction in our state is at a critical level, and it is being passed on like red hair and freckles, through families to future generations. Growing evidence suggest that genetics and social/environmental factors can predispose children of substance abusing parents to the onset of behavioral problems and to become abusers of alcohol or illicit drugs themselves.

Our mission is to break the curse of addiction in families, focusing on pre adolescent kids (ages 7-12) in a peer to peer setting with age appropriate curriculum.

In this setting children learn to build upon their strengths, find commonality with peers, deepen their resilience and further their intrinsic beauty and worth.

Sue and I have been raising our grandkids over the last 3 years because of their parent’s addiction. From this experience, I began searching for local resources to help our family be successful in this new dynamic and to help protect my grandchildren from the pain and tragedy of addiction – to enable them with education that will help them make smart decisions as they grow up.

Through the research I found there was no program being offered in the state that specifically addresses this need, of helping children who have been affected and traumatized by their parents addictions.

There are plenty of services and agencies focusing on the person with addiction of all ages, but we have forgotten about the heavy burden that substance abuse lays on the children of those in treatment, still addicted or in recovery.

Addiction is a real problem in the US, and in Oklahoma alone there are over 150,000 children under the age of 18 that are living with an addicted parent or parents.

Every day in our community, children like Aiden and his sister Addison face the consequences of their parents’ addiction. Today, 1 in 4 US children are living in a home where one or both parents have an addiction to drugs or alcohol. These children are eight times more likely to develop alcoholism and other drug problems.

Children have suffered trauma of their own because of their parents addiction, they need to be educated and learn at an age appropriate setting, with peers so they know they are not alone, they did not cause it, they cant cure it and they need to deal with being children.  From SAMASHA

After significant research we decided to bring a proven, evidenced based program to Oklahoma children, the curriculum was developed by many of the nations leading authorities.  The US Department of Health and Human Services.  SAMHSA supported and put together the kit they call  “Supportive Education for Children of Addicted Parents”.

Peaceful Family Solutions, a new state nonprofit launches program to break the family CURSE of addiction.

Today children in Oklahoma are living in addicted homes, most, silently and eloquently obey the cardinal rule of the addicted family: ”Don’t talk, Don’t tell and Don’t feel”.

These kids are having their childhood stolen from them.  Their family usually denies the existence of the illness.  The illness, which grips the children and traps them in silence.  These children often have no place to turn as addiction wreaks its own terror, chaos, and pain.  Further they are at high risk eventually to follow the family tradition to abuse alcohol or drugs, themselves, and thereby perpetuate the disease through their own children

To break the cycle of addiction the children of addicted parents need to learn about addiction in an age –appropriate way, so they can realize it’s not their fault and they are not to blame.  They need safe ways to explore and express their anger, fear, hurt, guilt and shame.

PFS introduces “Supportive education for children of Addicts”

The PFS Children’s Program was developed to help children of addicts and alcoholics heal and break the cycle of addiction using proven engagement strategies that teach children and help them play their way to understanding and health. During the process, they build upon their strengths, find commonality with peers, deepen their resilience and further their intrinsic beauty and worth.  The curriculum is evidenced based and over 30,000 children in Dallas, LA and Denver have benefited by the program to date.

PFS is the only organization in Oklahoma that offers these targeted, proven services for children of addicts.

PFS Staff facilitates these 4 day programs at our facility in Oklahoma City and at other locations around the state, our program is mobile.

We offer this program completely FREE of charge to the participants.