Brent Katigan


brent-katiganBrent Katigan is a Licensed Alcohol, Drug, and Mental Health Counselor (MA, LADC/MH) and currently the Executive Director of Peaceful Family Solutions in the Oklahoma City area. Peaceful Family Solutions is a 501 (c) 3  organization that is serving grandparents and kinship families raising grandchildren, children from homes where addiction and other forms of psychological trauma is prevalent, and assisting families with adjustment and re-unification concerns.

In addition to facilitating the Children’s Educational and Prevention Programs for Peaceful Family Solutions, Brent is a Provider and facilitates family interventions, provides EMDR for survivors of psychological trauma, and facilitates relapse prevention-family and youth groups.  Brent has taught Family and Group Dynamics at Oklahoma State University (Oklahoma City). He has been working with people who are afflicted by substance abuse and mental health challenges since 1986. He became certified in 1989.

His academics include Psychology, Social Work, and Substance Abuse Studies. He was trained in conducting professional Interventions in 1992.  He is a Master Trainer in teaching others to prevent suicide; certified by Living Works, Calgary Canada. He has 30 years of experience in Residential, Out-Patient, and Intensive Out-Patient Treatment.

Heather Dorman

Licensed Alcohol Drug & Mental Health Counselor


Heather Dorman, formally Heather Cox, is a Licensed Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health Counselor (LADC/MH) and currently is an employee at Peaceful Family Solutions in the Oklahoma City area.  She has worked both Residential and Out-Patient Treatment with Valley Hope Association for almost four years prior to Peaceful Family Solutions.

Her academics include Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counseling from Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City and Counseling Addiction and Substance Abuse from Mid-American Christian University.  She also successfully completed Valley Hope Association’s Chemical Dependency Counselor Training Program.  She has over five years of experience within the field of alcohol, substance abuse, and mental health services.