Peaceful Family Solutions (PFS) is a nonprofit agency founded to break the cycle of addiction in families. This starts one child at a time and one family at a time.

It is a known fact, genetics play a role in addiction. Another newer known fact is that children exposed to adverse childhood experiences (ACE) are much more likely than other children to experiment with and abuse mood-altering chemicals.

In Oklahoma, PFS is now providing FREE programs year-round to children ages 7-12 and their guardians. PFS provides the only peer-to-peer program specifically designed to help children impacted by addiction in their family. PFS serves to help break the cycle of addiction and foster healing. With education and celebrating the voice and feelings of a child, the result is prevention.

PFS also provides a FREE Children’s Reunion Group that allows the children to reunite bi-weekly after the 4-day program and continue to develop healthy coping skills.